Stephen Bloch, MD

Co-Founder and CEO

Jay Fine, PhD

Research & Development

Jeremy Myers, PhD

Senior Vice President,
Research & Development

Jennifer Gabler

Chief Financial Officer

Michael Franken

Chief Business Officer

Mark Aimone

Senior VP, CMC Development
& Manufacturing

Board of Directors

Stephen Bloch, MD
Co-Founder and CEO
Alessandra Di Bacco
Venture Partner, Takeda Oncology
Denis Patrick
Vice President Emerging Science & Innovation, Managing Partner Pfizer Ventures, Head of Partnering Innovation
Ian Taylor, PhD
Chief Scientific Officer, Arvinas
Derek Yoon
President and CEO, Solasta Ventures

Scientific Advisory

Richard Flavell, PhD
Yale – Sterling Professor, Chairman Emeritus of Immunobiology, Howard Hughes Medical Institute Investigator
Susan Kaech, PhD
Salk Institute* – Director NOMIS Center for Immunobiology and Microbial Pathogenesis, NOMIS Chair
*Participation by Dr. Kaech as a member of the Scientific Advisory Board does not constitute or imply endorsement by the Salk Institute for Biological Studies
Nils Lonberg, PhD
Executive in Residence – Canaan Partners
Former SVP Biologics Discovery, Oncology Discovery – Bristol-Myers Squibb Partnered w/ Jim Allison on CTLA-4 drug development
Mario Sznol, MD
Co-Director, Yale Cancer Immunology; Skin Cancer institute
Leader of the Melanoma/Renal Cancer Translational Team, Former president Society of Immunotherapy in Cancer (SITC)


Stephen Bloch, MD
Co-Founder and CEO
Charles Fuchs MD, MPH
Senior Vice President, Global Head Oncology and Hematology Drug Development – Genentech Roche, Former Physician-in-Chief Yale-Smilow Cancer Center
Sidi Chen, PhD
Associate Professor, Group Leader, Department of Genetics & Systems Biology Institute, Yale Cancer Systems Biology Center
Yale University

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