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Bold Science. Better Outcomes.

At EvolveImmune, we harness our “Immunology First” approach to create first-in-category cancer medicines to transform the lives of patients by delivering superior, long-term outcomes compared to current anti-cancer therapies.

We are pioneers who rapidly translate discoveries into innovations and innovations into differentiated therapeutic solutions, to address the most significant unmet medical needs in oncology.

We leverage exceptional experience in immunology to swiftly advance our modular, precision biotherapeutics platform to exploit the full potential of the array of unprecedented and validated immuno-oncology targets which comprise our pipeline.

We embrace collaborative team science to drive our success. We are scientifically curious and are highly agile problem-solvers. Our ambitions demand that we always remain both resilient and relentless.

EvolveImmune (EV) was founded to advance groundbreaking immune cell target discovery, originating from the Sidi Chen Laboratory at Yale University. Since our launch in 2020, we have built a fully integrated, world-class immunobiology and biotherapeutics team which is actively confronting the biggest challenges in cancer.

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Our Science

Our approach to changing the course of cancer is simple: durable immune activation, where it matters.

Bold Science

EvolveImmune’s proprietary immunobiologics platform delivers both sustained immune activation and tumor cell targeting in a single agent. Through integrated signaling, EV’s first in category biologics directly target tumor cells and provide potent, tissue-localized amplification of cytokine secretion at the tumor site to maximize tumor killing.

Better Outcomes

Our biotherapeutics are engineered to overcome limitations of conventional CD3 bispecifics and other immune therapies to offer a better future for our patients in need, by maximizing therapeutic benefit and minimizing toxicity.

EVOLVE Platform: a first in-concept, multi-functional antibody

Our Pipeline

Our lead program, EVOLVE-104, is a first-in-category therapeutic with potential to address a wide range of solid tumors with high selectivity. EVOLVE-101 is a first-in-category therapeutic for B cell malignancies and AML. EvolveImmune will move both programs rapidly to clinical trials.

Solid Tumors


B cell malignancies and AML


EVOLVE Biologics Diversification
Advancing selected solid tumor and hematological targets through proof of principle


Undisclosed target-Solid Tumors Antibody drug conjugate


T cell and APC Discovery
Humanized CRISPR-screening platform

Highly differentiated

T cell exhaustion hits – CAR-T engineering and biologics opportunities

Our Team



Board of Directors

Stephen Bloch, MD
Co-founder and CEO
Alessandra Di Bacco
Venture Partner, Takeda Oncology
Denis Patrick
Vice President Emerging Science & Innovation, Managing Partner Pfizer Ventures, Head of Partnering Innovation
Ian Taylor, PhD
Chief Scientific Officer, Arvinas
Daguang Wang, PhD
Managing Director, Yonjin Venture
Board Observer
Derek Yoon
President and CEO, Solasta Ventures

Scientific Advisory Board

Richard Flavell, PhD
Yale - Sterling Professor, Chairman Emeritus of Immunobiology, Howard Hughes Medical Institute Investigator
Charles Fuchs MD, MPH
Co-founder- EvolveImmune
SVP, Global Head Oncology and Hematology Drug Development - Genentech Roche
Former Physician-in-Chief Yale-Smilow Cancer Center
Susan Kaech, PhD
Salk Institute* - Director NOMIS Center for Immunobiology and Microbial Pathogenesis, NOMIS Chair*Participation by Dr. Kaech as a member of the Scientific Advisory Board does not constitute or imply endorsement by the Salk Institute for Biological Studies
Nils Lonberg, PhD
Executive in Residence - Canaan Partners
Former SVP Biologics Discovery, Oncology Discovery - Bristol-Myers Squibb
Partnered w/ Jim Allison on CTLA-4 drug development
Mario Sznol, MD
Co-Director, Yale Cancer Immunology; Skin Cancer institute
Leader of the Melanoma/Renal Cancer Translational Team, Former president Society of Immunotherapy in Cancer (SITC)


Stephen Bloch, MD
Co-founder and CEO
Charles Fuchs, MD, MPH
Senior Vice President, Global Head Oncology and Hematology Drug Development - Genentech Roche, Former Physician-in-Chief Yale-Smilow Cancer Center
Sidi Chen, PhD
Associate Professor, Group Leader, Department of Genetics & Systems Biology Institute, Yale Cancer Systems Biology Center
Yale University

Working with the best





Bold scientists seeking better outcomes for patients.

At EvolveImmune, we are building an exceptional team to bring our ambitions to life. If you are looking for a home for your talents, and you enjoy the camaraderie and hands-on environment of a startup biotechnology company, we invite you to apply.

EvolveImmune offers attractive compensation and benefits including a 401K plan with a generous company match as well as health & wellness benefits.

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About Our Locations

It is a short drive to local amenities on the Connecticut shoreline, as well as to New Haven and Yale University. EvolveImmune has additional laboratories in Farmington, Connecticut as part of the UCONN Technology Incubator Program.

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In 2020, EvolveImmune opened a new, start-of-the art laboratory and office facility in Branford, Connecticut.

EvolveImmune Therapeutics is an equal opportunity employer.